Watch Jimmy Fallon Make The Same Joke Again And Again And Again In This Supercut

Just about all of the late-night comics have a few gags they like to recycle, and “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon is no exception, as the video above shows. 

This new supercut looks at a recurring segment called “Tonight Show Screen Grabs,” in which he makes some cracks about funny screenshots sent in by viewers. 

One recurring theme is the captcha box ― or, as he (very often) puts it, “those squiggly words that you have type in before you buy tickets to concerts and stuff like that.”

When those captcha phrases veer off into PG-13 territory, Fallon has a line he likes to use.

A lot.

Check out the clip above, posted by YouTuber Tim Lefler. 


(h/t Digg)

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