Benefits of Joining "FunnyPress Share Network"

FunnyPress Features
  • What ever the traffic you've made, only if not fade traffic, from Facebook,twitter or posts of wordpress, the Clicks will be calculated to your Revenue.

  • Accordingly, We provide some Bonus sometimes.

Register Bonus

  • Reward 5 USD for successful Register.

First Share Bonus

  • Reward 1 USD for first Share Click

Click Revenue

  • $1 USD for every 1000 Click.

Referrer Bonus

  • 1)Reward 1 USD for every new Referrer Account(when Referrer Revenue is more than 10 USD).
  • 2)Earn the Referrer Account's 10% Bonus Revenue additionally.

Click Calculation Rules

  • 1)3 USD for every 1000 Clicks.
  • 2)the visitor read article for 5 Seconds, then 1 Click calculated.
  • 3)only calculate once in 3 minutes for a unique IP.
  • 4)for one article,a unique IP will only calculate once(even the user read twice).
  • 5)the Revenue refreshed every 5 minutes.
  • 6)only the India IP will be calculated.

Payment Rules

  • 1)to receive payment, your revenue should be at least 100 USD.
  • 2)payment will be made at 28th day of the month.
  • 3)payment method can be PAYPAL or Bank Transfer. And the currency is USD.

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