Andrea Logan White: 'We Heal from Each Other's Stories'

Andrea Logan White: ‘We Heal from Each Other’s Stories’

Often beside her husband and always smiling, Andrea Logan White is a recognizable face in many Christian homes. Her life and career have spanned the worlds of modeling, acting, and producing, experiences that many of us would view as glamourous and even enviable. But when White spoke with Pure Flix Insider about her upcoming book, “Perfectly Unfinished: Finding Beauty in the Midst of Brokenness,” her down-to-earth nature revealed a testimony all of us can relate to.

Though she’s usually smiling in roles like Charlie Wilcox in “Hitting the Breaks,” White’s personal life hasn’t always been so happy-go-lucky. “At a very young age, I felt invisible,” she shared. “I just kept thinking well, if I was cuter and smarter and better, then I would be noticed. Then I would be loved. So at a young age I picked up a spirit of perfectionism.”

This perfectionism would lead White into a long struggle with an eating disorder and a pattern of  debatable choices during her younger years that sound bleak at best. But all the while, she says she was “searching for a purpose.”

These darker years would take White into the Playboy Mansion and “a world of sin,” but they are far from the end of the story. White said: “I have some years in my book that are a little unnerving that I’m sharing with the world. But they ultimately led me to Christ.”

Andrea on the set of the upcoming Pure Flix Original series, “Malibu Dan the Family Man.”

The story of “Perfectly Unfinished” doesn’t end with White becoming a Christian, though, far from it. She shared that her conversion was just the beginning of a journey.

“I was a little blindsided that life got harder [after I became a Christian]. Gratefully, I met my husband and was miraculously able to have children, but things like relapsing with my eating disorder and all those parts of my journey…, I felt like I was never good enough to call myself a Christian. And I battled with myself, thinking, ‘I now know Jesus, why am I still struggling with all of these things?’ “

Eventually, White says she came to the realization that she “will forever be unfinished. But we have a Savior that will continue to perfect us until the day that we meet Him.”

“I always say I relate with the drug addict in the alley more so than the beautiful girl sitting in a church pew,” White said. “Because it doesn’t matter who you are, I believe we’re supposed to come as you are.”

White hopes that “Perfectly Unfinished” will touch people and encourage them to share their stories too. She said,

I believe that we heal from each others’ stories. I’m sharing my story because I want people to know that God is faithful. We need each other. And I believe God uses each of us to help one another out of the darkness.

We’re called as believers to share the good news, number one. But to also share what God has taken us through and be real with what we’re going through. I believe we can heal from each other’s stories.

White has used what God has taught her to “influence the culture for Christ” through her work with Pure Flix, starring in uplifting entertainment like “Hitting the Breaks,”“Do You Believe?,” and “Brother White.”

To learn more about Andrea Logan White’s story, read a free chapter of “Perfectly Unfinished: Finding Beauty in the Midst of Brokenness.” Her book will be available at retail and online on September 26, and look for her on an upcoming episode of Pure Talk.  


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